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Monthly Archives: January 2014

I’m just reading a novel about a hundred year old person climbing out a window to escape into a more exciting life. Reminded me of our bus floor. The Rimu for our floor boards came out of the woods at least about 100 years ago, and was then used as timber in the roof of the St Helen’s Homestead, which was built in 1917. We were so lucky that the current owners, who… Read More

Before/after shots Without much further ado, here it is: Spot the difference? Right! The second one has that wooden door leaning against the back, instead of a piece of styrofoam. How we got here Our idea was to go for a bachy look, so it had to be wood. We quickly decided on white so it doesn’t feel heavy. While at it, we also had to make use of the chance to… Read More

So finally, let’s talk Tacheles, as they say in Germany! To slowly catch up with the status quo, we’d like to show you the first steps of progress in our bus, up to where we’ve created a (not so) clean canvas. Early November, our pristine schoolbus arrived in Hanmer, in, well, pristine schoolbus condition. As a bonus, the bus came with a baby already in it. We kept the baby, but we… Read More


Hello there, lots of progress has been made since the last post, but before we get into the nitty and gritty of things, pretty before/after pictures and such, a little explanation about the name of the bus and blog first. All house buses in New Zealand have names, some clever, most of them cheesy, so we started discussing a name for ours. This is like naming your child, so it’s not an… Read More