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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Behind bars

Making the bunk beds had something particularly gratifying about it. I know the kids will sleep in it for over a year, and they’ll probably grow to like every nuance of grain and odd joint in the wood. The bed is the single place they’ll spend most of their time in, so we want them to be extra cozy. The beds will be their area, that they can withdraw to if they… Read More

A bed

Last week we had our first night in the bus, woohoo! But no, not on the road, just still parked up here. The double bed was done a while ago, but I had just finished the bunk beds last week (next post). So here are the bed’s before and after shots The Rimu boards around the bed are fantastic and give it a real bachy feel. Or is that the sun shining… Read More

This week we’re gearing up to put the kitchen and plumbing in. I’ve been hanging out for this since Len and Maree Earl (parents of another school friend, Emma) called to ask if we needed any kitchen cabinetry. When they bought their 1930s house (now the nicest B&B in Hanmer Springs) the original rimu kitchen had been taken out and the cupboards were serving a life sentence up in the attic. It… Read More

The second gratitude is for a person without whom this project simply wouldn’t be do-able: Hannah’s dad. He’s our go-to person for any building challenge, and he enables us to do the interior mostly by ourselves, with the confidence that he’s there with guidance when we need it in technical and practical matters. Apart from being a helper in all areas, he also is very excited about the bus, to the point… Read More

We’ve got sparks! We’ve got a door, and then not. We’ve got a floor and a ceiling, and rivets! This post feels a bit like a trip down memory lane when looking at the photos, as taking out the centre door of the bus was done in parallel to putting in ceiling and floor.¬†Our decision to take the centre door out took a few people by surprise as often people close the… Read More

A lovely book I’ve owned for a while, The Creative Family, recommends making gratitude a regular part of our days as a way to fill our creative cups. Although I totally agree with the concept (in fact, there’s more than enough research linking happiness and gratitude – this guy reckons sending 5 emails will do the trick), I just haven’t gotten around to implementing this in a concrete way in my life… Read More