A place to sleep

A bed

Last week we had our first night in the bus, woohoo! But no, not on the road, just still parked up here. The double bed was done a while ago, but I had just finished the bunk beds last week (next post).

So here are the bed’s before and after shots

Housebus bedroom before

Byebye kanban

Housebus bedroom after


The Rimu boards around the bed are fantastic and give it a real bachy feel. Or is that the sun shining through the window? Ah, what a nice place to chill out. And the best part about it is that now we can host guests (like, say, celloist Alana Suzanne Frances Hart-Henderson. Hey, a housebus concert would be wicked, you keen?).



We continued the Rimu boards around the back, over the steps covering the motor, and on either side of the bed. A simple frame is holding up the bedbase, which was kindly given to us by Dave and Jos, and providing heaps of storage space. Just today we picked up two custom gas struts to support lifting the bed when accessing the storage part.

Bed base

Bed base, from Dave and Jos

Bed frame

Bed frame

Rimu paneling

Rimu paneling around the bed

Otlas, carrying the weight of the bus

Otlas, carrying the weight of the bus, for Alana

Play us a tune

Play us a tune!

Ok, let's measure that again, papa!

Ok, let’s measure that again, papa!

A bachy view

A bedroom view


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