As time goes by

Office space!

No, this is not a tribute post to Casablanca. (That would be weird.)

We are still here

As time goes by, we’re still in Hanmer working on the bus. I have a feeling that the end is nigh though. Here’s to show you what has happened in the last while, walls, office space, half a kitchen, treating the floor.

Looking back

A man doesn’t look back (unless he’s built a housebus)

Looking forward

A man looks forward

So here are the parts. Walls walls walls!

Compartments for shower, shelves, toilet:



Shower shelf toilet Bedroom wall with magazine rack Bedroom wall with magazine rack done

‘Aha. So, where you gonna work?’ ‘Here:’

Office here? No.

Here? No.

Office space here?

Here? Mmmmhhhh…, no.

Office space!


What’s cooking?

What's cooking, baby?

What’s cooking, baby?

And this is why Java oil rocks

4 Comments on “As time goes by

  1. Holy crap, you guys! This Looks Amazing! So comfy and thought out and beautiful! You’re doing an amazing job…love it!

  2. Hurra, es geht voran und allmählich der Vollendung entgegen.
    Bleibt am Ball, das schafft Ihr noch. Toll die Fortschritte zu sehen.
    Gruß Rita

  3. Danke für die Videos, ist ja ein bisschen so als ob man live dabei ist.Besonders fand ich auch wie schnell du Möbel und Böden ölen kannst.Elli hat teils auch die besondere Krabbeltechnik von Otis übernommen?Sah zumindest so aus.

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