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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Elliott and cranberries

Considering it’s autumn and we’re still not on the road, the kids are helping in picking berries for the winter. Leaves, berries, forest paths, turtles (?), bliss. Not that this has ANYTHING to do with the bus WHATSOEVER, so here we go with Part II of the recent month update package:   Shower and loo Jonathan put in the shower, made up out of an old shower lining – brilliant! We also bought a… Read More

Easter sleepover

It’s Easter! And we’re still here.. Working around the clock though and feuern aus allen Rohren to get to the finish line; hence the lack of posts. I can assure you that lots has happened in the last four weeks, and that an end is in sight. We’ve started sorting out some belongings and will start moving things into the bus over the next week. In fact, last night was a sleepover night… Read More