Little crackers

Easter sleepover

It’s Easter!

And we’re still here.. Working around the clock though and feuern aus allen Rohren to get to the finish line; hence the lack of posts. I can assure you that lots has happened in the last four weeks, and that an end is in sight. We’ve started sorting out some belongings and will start moving things into the bus over the next week. In fact, last night was a sleepover night in the bus and it was AMAZING!

An early morning Easter egg hunt turned out to be fruitless, but we were able to kill two Easter bunnies and eagerly awaited to sink our fangs into the juicy flesh.

Easter in the bus

Another chocolate Easter egg hunt later during the day also proved to be successful and supplied me with the necessary energy to finally give you an update on our latest progress. Sit back, have another egg, and enjoy :)!



Whole kitchen

The kitchen is pretty much done. I still need to attach the fold-upable connecting benchtop piece, but the kitchen’s been oiled in the meantime. The gas installation was a bit nerve-wracking, as we had to redesign the layout a bit due to venting regulations and minimum distances to surrounding surfaces.

We had to rip the left kitchen apart to cut through the bus wall to install vents for the gas fridge. It’s strange to see those old radiator pipes again that I had wished I had covered for good ages ago. But it’s all come together again and I think even better than before.

Johnathan even donated his favourite straight edge to add a casing for the vents to sit in on the outside wall.

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Seating/dining area

These two seats are two of the original seats in the bus, but rearranged and mounted over the front wheel arch, to double as seats for dining (table in the making at the time of print..). Weeks and weeks -and dollars and dollars- later, they were safely installed by an engineer, including certified seatbelts, so I could start enclosing them:

Comfy seats

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Kids’ room

The area we enthusiastically call “kids’ room” is pretty much just a hidden shelf in the wall. Having a small space means we have to get inventive with our interior spaces terminology. In our multi bedroom bus we have

  • a master bedroom
  • a kids’ bedroom
  • a shower
  • a toilet
  • a kitchen
  • a dining room
  • an office
  • a kids’ playroom
  • a living room incl fireplace
  • a wet room (hopefully not the whole bus) and
  • a driver cabin

Anyway, sidetracking, here’s the room:

Kids' room

Kids’ room ready for action.

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Fire place

I know, you guys are sneaky and have already spotted the new fire place in the other pictures. Here it is again:

Fire place

Fire place teaser alert!

Having the Little Cracker in has been rewarding in so many ways. We’ve tried it out on a few cooler nights and it’s great, providing us with warmth, cozyness and something to stare at for hours.

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Hey guys

Hey guys, there’s still more to show you, but it’ll need to wait. I’m kapooped and need to sleep, and digest all that chocolate. Happy Easter, by the way! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to show you the rest.

Ka kite ano & good night!

3 Comments on “Little crackers

  1. Awesome progress. Wann seid ihr “on the road”? Frohe Ostern und gruss an alle
    Egon & Irena

  2. Genau!!!
    Das ist wie in dem Film “Geschenkt ist noch zu teuer” mit Tom Hanks.Kennst Du den noch?Da heißt es auch immer:Die Baustelle ist fertig in 2 Wochen.Ich wünsche Euch aber das es nu endlich losgeht.Sonst versauert ihr janoch in Hanmer Springs.schick mal ne kurze mail wenn es losgeht.

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