Picking berries for the winter

Elliott and cranberries

Considering it’s autumn and we’re still not on the road, the kids are helping in picking berries for the winter. Leaves, berries, forest paths, turtles (?), bliss.

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Not that this has ANYTHING to do with the bus WHATSOEVER, so here we go with Part II of the recent month update package:


Shower and loo

Jonathan put in the shower, made up out of an old shower lining – brilliant! We also bought a Bugatti ball valve to regulate water flow after the mixer. Dealing with restrictions in all areas, such as space, water and electricity and heating, is a recurring and welcome challenge in this build.

The loo has received a new shelf with heaps of storage and doubles as the central place for electrical stuff: fuse bars with 24v circuits, solar regulator and DC-DC converter to run 12v appliances. Ooops, technical. I’m just happy to finally have that electrical mess I’ve made hidden away.

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The door

That door is giving the bus such a cottagy feel that it’s sometimes hard to remember we’ll actually travel around the country with it.

Now, that door I’m sure will feature strongly in future photos, but for now I just have these three to offer:

Closed door Open door New door in the evening


Bedroom shelves

We were kindly given old kitchen cupboard doors by Hannah’s sister, Rebekah, from the farm. Jonathan grew up with them being used in the kitchen, but then they kind of lead a life outside of the lime light for years until now.

It was fun to discover a history of paint while cleaning and sanding them to smoothen out kinks and buckles. The colours fit the buses tones as if their only reason for having being concealed in this layered state for eons was to get revealed now, in this new context.

Shelves in the bedroom

Shelves in the bedroom

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Lounge and read

Get ready to lounge and read!

Righteo, I think I need to have a lie down, and read “Theatre of the Gods“, choice!

One Comment on “Picking berries for the winter

  1. Hi guys. Love what you are up to with your bus – a huge undertaking with young kids so good on you! It is going to look amazing and really like your clever use of space. We are also travelling NZ in a bus (currently in Wellington area) with our family (usinabus.co.nz) so perhaps we will meet up some place, some time? We have a mutual contact (Lucy) who shared your blog with us. Anyways, go well with your adventures and look forward to checking in on your progress. Your photos are awesome! Cheers Ange.

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