There’s light in the darkness

Into the wild

So here we are, truly on the road, with our bus, ready as ever, all packed up and roaring!

We had a great couple of days catching up with family in Christchurch, and our first day on the road was appropriately filled with action and drama:

  • The metal flap door (heavy) almost dropped onto Hannah’s head while driving. It hadn’t been closed properly; luckily the chains held it up.
  • An air pressure hose in the driver’s cabin that was sealed just before we left hissed open, also while Hannah was driving.
  • In a wrong turn just before Orana Park, a fence post attacked our bus, scraping off two locker latches and denting the locker doors.

Fun times!

Then yesterday we had our real first day heading into the great wide world of small New Zealand. We found an amazing first camp spot south of Timaru and the scenery was like someone’s painting.


Perfect spot

Perfect spot

Into the wild

Into the wild

Rock boy

Rock boy

After a while, a fisherman drove up along the beach to us and just gave us a beautiful red cod. Yum. A perfect treat and show of kindness for our first day out. Later on we ate around the camp fire and Otis made my day staring into the fire and saying: “…There is light in the darkness.”

Our dinner

Our dinner

7 Comments on “There’s light in the darkness

  1. What lovely photos of the children – you are certainly on the way – has Thomas had a turn at driving yet? Bus pic is worthy of a postcard! Love Mum xx

  2. I just loved all of that! Of course especially Otis comment X Been thinking about you guys and how you’re going, hurrah!

  3. Was für tolle Photos.Freu mich riesig für Euch.Jetzt bin ich gespannt auf den Sack voll Abenteuer der da kommt,ging ja schon gut los.Toi,toi toi

  4. Hey, this is cool. This bus looks so great. Waiting for photos from Catlins!

    Love, Susan and Lindsay xxxx

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