Weekly Gratitude #4

The last month has been unbelievably wonderful at times. It has honestly also been awful at times. When the boys have been screaming all day, and we’re worrying about getting enough design jobs in to keep us going, and it’s cold and wet, we ask ourselves, “Why are we doing this?”.  Looking back over the last few weeks, though, we have already gained so much. This is a selection of things for which I’ve been grateful since we’ve been on the road. These are the answers I’ve found. This is why.

  • For the red cod from a stranger on a beach
  • For two dinners and a bed for a night with James, Janet and Kashmir
  • For a place to park and the loan of a truck by Sherryl just out of Dunedin when the bus wouldn’t start
  • For an invitation to Playcentre in Portobello while going for a stroll
  • For a bag of Jerusalem artichokes from Kitty and Dan at Portabello Playcentre
  • For the offer of firewood and a cup of tea by Simon in Portobello
  • For unexpected friendships
  • For freedom camping
  • For campsites for when everyone gets a tummy bug and you need to wash all the bedding and towels in the bus
  • For the red cod and the ride with Gary along the beach to the sealions at Surat Bay
  • For cheap entry into the Invercargill swimming pool ($3 per preschooler, parents get in for nix, free sauna!)
  • For free internet for a week and a huge $5 sack of firewood from the campsite owner in Invercargill
  • For swede honesty boxes on the side of the road
  • For the ability to bake without an oven (our Bessemer pot – a post in itself!)
  • For having experienced winter in Germany, and really getting to now why a winter celebration matters.
Our dinner

Generosity of strangers

plum pudding

Stovetop plum pudding


Stovetop baked bread in the sun


Stovetop pizza


This guy.

this guy,

this guy,

and this guy.

and this guy.

These gratitude posts may not be the most interesting ones to read, but for me, they are a really important way of remembering how wonderful life is. If I don’t post again next Saturday, please remind me!

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