Ohiwa holiday

A quick update: We were just having a little one week holiday, in Ohiwa. With a beautiful setting next to Ohiwa Domain, and an ocean beach and a huge tidal inlet right outside the door, this must be one of the nicest campgrounds we’ve been to. But maybe it was just that we actually took some time off to enjoy, and to have Lisa, Thomas and Cassidy camping with us, that made it so special. I just wanted to share some Bogenschiessen here – there’ll be another post on Ohiwa and some exciting small but crucial changes to our bus real soon. In any case, the days away from routine gave me time to

  • rivet some metal onto the bus
  • restring my budget bamboo bundle bow (After heavy use over a couple of days it finally broke. Fun though and I can’t wait for the next iteration, using proper wood.)
  • whittle a coffee tamper
  • undent the chimney cowling
  • go surfing and try out my new wetsuit
  • blog
  • read about President Ezequiel
  • enjoy some BBQs, G&Ts and Monteith’s Doppelbock
  • chat with an old friend

What a great holiday; this may well become an annual institution.

IMG_8975 IMG_8928 IMG_8932 IMG_8947 IMG_8933IMG_8937 IMG_8940IMG_8948 IMG_8985 IMG_8935 IMG_8983IMG_8966

2 Comments on “Ohiwa holiday

  1. A cool place. Linds was watching waders in the inlet a couple of weeks ago!

  2. Yeah, amazing – I think we just saw a Spurwinged Plover on the campground’s edge, and apparently there are Spoonbills in the inlet, too. Otis is going bananas.

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