Family family family and Tora Tora Tora

The distance to family is one big drawback of living down here, so I was very grateful to be able to partly reconcile this fact when my mum, sister and niece came for a visit eight months ago. Talking, writing, skyping is never enough to truly explain your life down here.

We went for a trip (in our house) through the North Island together, and it was the perfect way of sharing this slice of our Kiwiana lifestyle with them. This included sleeping in the bus with 7 people (once or twice, which went amazingly well) and attending the Tora Tora Tora festival at Wairarapa’s South Coast. Tora Tora Tora is a great little family friendly event with amazing music and a fantastic vibe in a stunning location. In perfect tune with the musical performance, a lunar eclipse on Easter Sunday at midnight completed the visceral experience of the moment. Magic!

Family, please come back as soon as possible.

Mount Maunganui


On the way

1-2-Maunganui 1-3-Maunganui 1-4-Maunganui 1-5-Maunganui 1-6-Maunganui 1-7-Maunganui 1-8-Maunganui 1-9-Maunganui 1-10-Maunganui 1-12-Maunganui



There was a huge sign at the entrance saying “Don’t open the doors!” Ah, well.

2-2-travel 2-3-travel 2-4-travel

Tora Tora Tora


Hey, what’s Matt Jarry doin’ on stage?

3-1-ToraToraTora 3-2-ToraToraTora 3-3-0-ToraToraTora 3-3-1-ToraToraTora 3-3-2-ToraToraTora 3-4-ToraToraTora 3-6-ToraToraTora 3-7-ToraToraTora 3-8-ToraToraTora3-9-ToraToraTora

Wellington & Kapiti

4-1-Wellington 4-3-Wellington 4-2-Wellington4-4-Wellington 4-5-Wellington

2 Comments on “Family family family and Tora Tora Tora

  1. Gern wären wir wieder bei Euch,aber die große Entfernung macht es ja nicht grad einfach.Umarmung an Euch und Küsse für die kleinen Hobbits.War ne tolle Zeit.

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