About us

We bought an old schoolbus and converted it to the home of our dreams. We’ve been on the road since May 2014 and are planning to travel around all of New Zealand in Liberty for about a couple of years or so. To kill time, we do web and graphic design as Schickedanz Design and are creating memories for our two boys.

This blog will help us keep track of our progress and adventures. Liberty the Great, thanks for taking us around the country.


Kitchen and back

Our kitchen and the back

Kitchen and bunks

Kitchen and bunks

Null and Thomas

Null, the dog and Thomas, the sock.

Cupboards and strings

My grandfather’s Waldzither. He’d be happy to see its continued use.




Vancouver Island art in hallway

Bunk beds

Bunk beds with ladder

Elliott's bed

Elliott’s bed

Otis' bed

Otis’ bed


Hallway and back

Play area

Play area. Frame folds down into table.


True north – Heidi and Arne gave us this compass upon our departure from Hamburg

Open kitchen shelf

Even in calm waters

Rimu boards finish on the ceiling edge. “Even in calm waters waves will rise.”

Kitchen and hallway

Kitchen and hallway

Kitchen storage

Bottled storage in kitchen.

Open ceiling shelf

Open shelves

Thanks, Nina and Martin from Hamburg for this cute picture.

Lounge lamp

This was the very first thing we got for the bus, even before we had the bus: A metal casing of some rotting electric switchboard from the farm – restored as a lampshade.


Seating and eating. The table is made out of two old bedheads and some original bus pole, and lifts off for driving.


Sofa – folds up against the wall if more playing or yoga space is needed


Perfect spot

Perfect spot

10 Comments on “About us

  1. Hey eine tolle Sache, einen alten Bus für eine 1 jährige Tour durch Neuseeland auszubauen. Beneide Euch um dieses
    bevorstehende Abenteuer. Viel Glück und super Erlebnisse.
    Grüße aus Deutschland

  2. Mum (Sarah) Gave me your webb sight to see your creations and boy you have really excelled, Sounds like you will have a new adventure each and every day you are at home in Liberty. I am afraid I never got the chance with selling off the museum to come and see what you were doing in the building stages. But from experience you never finish a motorhome, there are always something else you think of that could be improved or altered in some way or other. And living the dream is the only way to find out what works and what doesn’t. I can see your in for some exciting times in the next couple of years “Enjoy”.
    You just never know we may bump into you somewhere when we hit the road next year.
    Happy motoring Norm Blomfield.

    • Thanks Norm, yes, we’ve really settled into life in Liberty well. We would happily have bought up half the museum, had we not been downsizing! Hope your move went well too!
      All the best!

  3. Hi ihr zwei bzw. vier. Viele liebe grüsse aus Norddeutschland von uns. Wir haben eventuell vor, im Winter 2015/2016 nach Nzl zu fahren. Sagt mal bescheid, ob wir uns dann mal sehen können. Liebe grüsse von Markus und Kirsten

  4. So excited to be *finally* finding your blog! My husband and I are so excited to be starting our own bus build soon! It can feel a little bit intimidating taking on a project of this nature, but SOOO exciting! It is just the two of us along with our two dogs and two cats. Continued encouragement and support on your journey with Liberty. So awesome to see how you’ve blazed the trail with your unique home-on-wheels. Your posts are helping us decide how we want to customize our own bus. Thank you for your posts!

    Peace and Love,

    The Genger Family in Austin, Texas

  5. Glad I found your blog, through Pinterest! I am living full time in my skoolie, that hasn’t been full renovated, but mostly done. I see some great ideas in your pics.
    Also, the map shows that you are currently near Omaha (in NZ I presume)… I am traveling right now and I’m in Omaha, Nebraska in the U.S. 😀
    Are you still traveling/living in your bus?
    http://www.thismidwifetravels.com (my other blog)

  6. I love love love your Skoolie! I want one so bad but haven’t been able to convince my husband to do so. 😦 we have two kids and I think he’s just worried about not having enough space, income, etc. but it’s still a dream of mine!

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