Liberty the Great


Ok, just one more. We’re parked up in our home-on-the-road, Liberty the Great, in Te Awanga in the Bay of Plenty. It’s an awesome campground, right on the beach, and we’re loving the feeling of impending summer. There’s a legend in these parts of a beautiful woman called Pania who lived in the ocean, and fell in love with the son of a chief. She could only be out of water at night, and had… Read More


Hello there, lots of progress has been made since the last post, but before we get into the nitty and gritty of things, pretty before/after pictures and such, a little explanation about the name of the bus and blog first. All house buses in New Zealand have names, some clever, most of them cheesy, so we started discussing a name for ours. This is like naming your child, so it’s not an… Read More